I am a hacker, Developer, Gamer and part-time human. I mostly work on Personal projects and web design.
I also work on from time to time, Console hacking and homebrew.
I have tons of experience when it comes to Wii & Wii U hacking.
Mostly because that's all I had for a while

I also love Anime, I'm not a weeb I swear. And I love gaming, but mostly programming and hacking.
Besides all that, I enjoy web-design; and I have helped with a few projects out there such as yuzu and Ryujinx.
If you wish, you can follow me on the platforms below, or you can find me on GBAtemp. Despite that place being cancerous for the past four years.

I am also taken, I'm also trans (Female)... Get over it, not to mention perfectly legal; I am 19 and will be turning 20 in February.

Follow me on Discord: @Ashley Hacky#0307
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My setup:

Main Desktop:
12GB DDR3 RAM (1200Mhz)
Intel Core 2 Duo (3.4Ghz | Speed-boost)
512GB WD Blue SSD
250GB 7800RPM HDD
Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti (1900Mhz | 4GB GDDR5 vRAM)
Manjaro Linux | Budgie Desktop | 5.1.21-1 Kernel
25" AOC 1920x1080@60Hz VGA/DVI Monitor | 16:9
14" 1920x1080@60Hz VGA/DVI / 1080p Composite Monitor | 16:9

Secondary Desktop:
6GB of DDR3 RAM (1000Mhz)
Intel Core 2 Duo (2.8Ghz)
160GB 5000RPM HDD
AMD Radeon HD 5450 (512MB)
Windows 7 x64 | Latest Updates

Dell Latitude E6510 (4GB DDR3 RAM, Intel Core i5-540M, 2.6Ghz | Manjaro Linux | Budgie Desktop | 5.1.21-1 Kernel)
Fujitsu Lifebook T730 (4GB SDDR3 RAM, Intel Core i5-520M 2.4Ghz)
Dell Latitude (Forgot the model)
Acer Aspire 5532 (Dead GPU)
Compaq 14" 2012 (Forgot the model)

Most of those laptops are average specs for 2012-2014.

My Consoles:

Nintendo Wii (White Launch | Modded with HBC & Priiloader)
Nintendo Wii U (Black Launch | Modded and bricked with CFW)
Nintendo DSi (Black | Modded with CFW)
Nintendo 3DS (Original Gray)
Nintendo 3DS XL (Orginal Blue)
PlayStation 1 (Original Launch)

Other hardware:

WD Blue 250GB 2.5" (Corrupted Sectors | No logical Failure failure)
HITACHI 160GB 2.5" (Bad Blocks | Physical Failure)
Toshiba 160GB 2.5" (Physical Failure)
Seagate 160GB 2.5" (Bad Sectors | Physical Failure)